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Baixar Trilha Sonora The Batman Trilogy (Trilogia) (1997) - Soundtrack

Nome do Álbum: The Batman Trilogy (Trilogia)
Tamanho: 74MB
Formato: .MP3
Taxa: 192KBPS
Número de Faixas: 22
Lançamento: 2015

1. Batman Theme
2. Flowers to Go
3. Love Theme
4. Joker's Poem
5. Clown Attack
6. Up the Cathedral
7. Waltz to the Death
8. Final Confrontation
9. Finale
10. Birth Of A Penguin
11. Main Title
12. Lair
13. Selina Transforms
14. Cemetry
15. Shadow of Doubt
16. End Credits
17. Main Title
18. Chase Noir
19. Nygma Variations (An Ode to Science)
20. Mouth to Mouth Nocturne
21. Victory
22. Batman (TV Theme)


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