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Baixar Trilha Sonora Assassin's Creed - Syndicate (2015) - Soundtrack

Nome do Álbum: Assassin's Creed - Syndicate
Tamanho: 221MB
Formato: .MP3
Taxa: 320KBPS
Número de Faixas: 36
Lançamento: 2015

1. Bloodlines
2. London Is Waiting
3. The Dance Begins
4. Peace And I Are Strangers Grown
5. Soothing Syrup
6. Give Me The Cure
7. Danza Alla Daggers
8. The Churning Seas Of London
9. It’s Business, Mr. Frye
10. The Late Pearl Attaway
11. Everyone Has A Price
12. Destruction’s Our Delight
13. Waltzing On Rooftops And Cobblestones
14. Cathedrals Of Steel
15. You’ve Stolen Your Last Shilling
16. The Tale Of Twopenny
17. Top Hats And Sword Canes
18. Men Have Become Monsters
19. The Assassin Two-step
20. Too Dreadful A Practice For This Open Air
21. Take Your Bow, Knave
22. Feasting On A Lord
23. A Ballet Of Blades
24. Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire
25. A Gauntlet Scherzo
26. London Will Soon Be Rid Of Your Chaos
27. Darling, What A Night
28. Jokes Jokes Jokes
29. Hooded Allegro Vivace
30. For Those We Loved
31. Death Is Now A Welcome Guest
32. Bloody Presto Con Brio
33. So Much For A House Call
34. I Would Have Created A Paradise
35. Underground
36. Family


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